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Tortona Art Gallery

A cultural jewel in Piedmont

Within the city of Tortona there is a treasure chest of art and culture, the Pinacoteca is a destination not to be missed during your stay at the Castello di San Gaudenzio.

The Pinacoteca project was born in 1999 with the acquisition of the large group of works from the Cassa di Risparmio. In 2001 it opened to the public with the desire to enhance the cultural heritage linked to the territory to which it belongs by conveying it with the most significant artists: a journey through the eras, styles and creative sensibilities that have shaped thought in this part of Italy.

You can visit the permanent exhibition “Divisionism”, the exclusive documentation of a fundamental artistic season through the variety and originality of the pictorial languages present. During your visit to Tortona you will admire 125 works by over 40 original artists, an exhibition area of 550 square meters within which you can admire masterpieces such as Il Ponte by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, leading artist in the Pinacoteca, and Segantini’s Pastor’s Income, Concierge by Medardo Rosso, Penombre by Previati and many, many others.

Castello di San Gaudenzio

The Tortona Pinacoteca will amaze you, move you, make you reflect and experience engaging and always different emotions: each canvas tells a nuance of the peasant, social, industrial world, a plurality of original pictorial languages that effectively document the Italian artistic culture between the nineteenth century and Twentieth century.

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