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Sleeping in a Castle in Lombardy

The park of the San Gaudenzio Relais

An oasis of peace and silence where you can walk among flowering bushes and lush trees, a pleasant park around the Castle to be enchanted by: Sleeping in Lombardy has never been so evocative.

The park that embraces the Castello di San Gaudenzio is a reality bound by the Belle Arti for its high naturalistic value, a destination not to be missed if you find yourself sleeping in Lombardy characterized by lush nature and centuries-old trees.
An authentic treasure chest of flora and fauna to be discovered in all its refined nuances: plane trees, poplars, firs, ash trees, magnolias and myrtle, the refined endings of the Italian garden, the monumental baroque fountain in the center.

Castello di San Gaudenzio

Let yourself be conquered by the changing colors of the seasons that create an almost theatrical staging of the natural world: inebriating colors and flavors that will instill a profound serenity within you.
In this heavenly setting you can dedicate yourself to rest or meditation, sports or reading a good book, a Renaissance Garden in Lombardy where statues, pergolas and temples alternate with shady spots, hidden clearings and intimate views.

Inside the park there is a large covered pergola ideal for welcoming aperitiffs or events surrounded by nature.