The San Gaudenzio Castle

A fascinating style

Thanks to the choice of furnishings and colours, the hotel’s 45 bedrooms reflect the ambience of the 16th and 17th centuries. As well as the twelve rooms on the upper floor of the castle, there is also the suite located in what was once the master bedroom. The room is furnished with a massive wardrobe that takes up almost the entire wall to the left of the bed and the bedside tables are beautifully restored antique prie-dieu. Above the bed is a large blue painted wall-drape and in the southeast corner of the room is a lovely fireplace decorated with love knots, garlands and stylised spirals. Knots and festoons also decorate the wooden rectangles on the doors. On 28th January 2003, King Carlo Gustavo of Sweden stayed in this suite and on 9th December 1815, the engineer Severino Grattoni, founder of the Frejus Tunnel, was born here. The more recently restored bedrooms on the ground floor are also richly decorated with precious fabrics and they overlook the luxurious Italian garden with a magnificent Baroque fountain.

ll our rooms are equipped with: TV, air conditioning, minibar with room service, telephone, hairdryer, safe and laundry service on request.
Our customers can also take advantage of a large free ungarded outdoor parking.
Available on request reserved area for top cars, supercars and classic cars.
You can refill your electric car and hybrid plug in vehicle at our EV charging stations.
Free WIFI internet connection for guests.
We have an heated indoor pool with sunroof, countercurrent swimming, fitness area, quiet old park and italian garden.

Relax in the swimming pool

A charming solarium surrounds the swimming pool blending into the elegant style of the hotel. The warm shades of the wood furnishings blend softly with the neutral colours of the tiles interspersed with light blue designs depicting dolphins and shells. A place for relaxation and well being that can be enjoyed throughout the year, a pleasant experience both in the summer and winter seasons.
The pool is equipped with a counter-current swimming device, the water flow can also be used as energizing massage.

Wellness in the fitness room

A space realized with natural materials having light and relaxing tones , a big mirror enhancing its lightness, houses the fitness room.
Equipped with multi-functional fitness machines, tapis roulants, last generation cyclettes and steppers. Where the pleasure of keeping fit becomes an opportunity that cannot be given up.

The centuries-old park

Evocative and romantic, the park encloses the castle giving a sense of tranquillity and peace and sheltering it from the rest of the village and the surrounding countryside. Plane trees, firs, ash, poplars and magnolia create a chiaroscuro effect with ever changing colours throughout the seasons, and myrtle bushes and flowerbeds trace paths through the park. As in all the most beautiful Renaissance gardens, immersed in the lush vegetation there are statues, a pergola and a small temple depicting nature and its fruits.

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Circuit, Spa, Shopping, Oltrepò and much more!

Tazio Nuvolari Circuit of Cervesina

The Tazio Nuvolari Circuit of Cervesina Pavia is situated nearby the restaurant hotel Castello di San Gaudenzio and hosts events related to the world of motorsports: car and bike races, historical car rallies, driving courses, Driving Experience and private events.
The Circuit is homologated for the 2nd Category Speed A, has a length of 2 805 meters with a straight of 720 meters which allows speeds of up to 272Km/h for cars (GP2 simulation) and 286Km/h for motorcycles (SBK).
In the lap there are 5 curves to the left and 6 to the right that are easily traveled through a minimum width of 12 meters.
Special attention is given to security, with wide escape routes, to make driving a pleasure.

Well being at the Terme

In the nearby Rivanazzano, the SPA invites you to pamper yourself or to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of natural thermal waters.


The Serravalle Designers Outlet offers the opportunity to go shopping in the largest center of Italy and Europe. Its particular architectural setting, inspired by Ligurian palaces, hosts 300 prestigious brands located in over 300 shops and makes the experience unique for visitors.

Salice Terme Golf Club

Immersed in the greenery of Salice Terme, an ancient tourist resort in the Oltrepo Pavese, the Club is a modernly equipped sports club to offer members an ideal place to spend their free time in the name of sport and well-being.

A little corner of Lombardy

The Castle of San Gaudenzio is situated near the River Po in the flat area between OltrepòLomellina and Pavese, the three areas that form the province of Pavia. Due to its central position this area provides the ideal setting for numerous half-day excursions or trips for just a couple of hours.

The Greenway Voghera-Varzi cycle-pedestrian pathway is an excellent solution to leave stress behind and relax by running, cycling or walking from Voghera in the hearth of Oltrepò Pavese towards Varzi. The Arcadia wood, which stretches between the south bank of the Great River Po and its embankment, will allow you to experience the positive effects of a walk in the countryside. The oasis of biodiversity in the Parco le Folaghe allows you to experience birdwatching in peace.

“Guidando con gusto” you can go with your car or motorbike towards the beautiful hills of Oltrepò with its spectacular scenery of vineyards, church towers, rocky crags, castles, towers and abbeys, like the abbey of Sant’Alberto di Butrio. You can experience the thrill of a fantastic flight on a two-seater paraglider to admire from the top the most beautiful views of the Lombardy Apennines. You can visit the characteristic area of Lomellina, which, although it is also a land of castles, offers a completely different landscape. You can drive through the rice-fields where you will see the sky reflected in the water on windy spring days, a view unchanged since the days when the Visconti and then the Sforza families were the local lords and great land-owners. Almost all the villages reflect this period but the most magnificent is the Piazza Ducale of Vigevano. Apart from the monuments in Pavia itself and the nearby majestic Certosa, you can also visit the Parco del Ticino (Ticino River Nature Reserve) or the Oasi di Sant’Alessio Nature Reserve.

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