Legal notice

Legal notice

In using the castellosangaudenzio/castellodisangaudenzio site, the visitor is aware and he accepts all access conditions to the site, shown here below.

About the material content in this site (among which, very simply, but not “esaustiva”, there are all informations, details, catalogs, depliant ecc.) Il Castello di San Gaudenzio S.r.l. is the first owner or anyway, that it reserves all corresponding rights.

We warn the user of the sites that, the informations content in this one, can be uploaded in the user system only for particular aims linked to the relationships between the user and the company mentioned here above, for which the user cannot modify the informations obtained in the site and he cannot use them in a different way than the mentioned one.

Il Castello di San Gaudenzio S.r.l. is engaged to guarantee that all informations content in this site are corrects and careful, but specifying that at the contrary, any responsibilities will be charged to them.
Il Castello di San Gaudenzio S.r.l. reserves to itself the right to change or modify these informations whenever it wishes, without forewarning.

Il Castello di San Gaudenzio S.r.l. won’t be responsable about the eventual mistakes, imprecisions or omissions corresponding to the material content in this site, neither it won’t be, in any case, responsable for any kind of damages , directs or indirects, arriving from the access to, from the using of, or to have done confidence on, material content in this site.