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The San Gaudenzio Castle

A brief history

With its rectangular form and crenellated towers on the four corners, San Gaudenzio Castle reflects the typical architecture of 15th century castles in Lombardy. With its beautiful square or arched gothic mullioned windows, it illustrates the antique transformation from a fortified manor house to a delightful residence and today we can envisage the magnificent balls and parties that were once held by the noble families – Beccaria, Taverna, Trotti – who inhabited these splendid chambers.
The elegant rooms and the surrounding environment, carefully restored to their original grandeur, take us back in time. We can admire the internal square courtyard with an antique stone well and delightful frescoes, the weapons gallery with its cross vaults, the Swan Room, the Flower Room, the Ladies Room, the library and the study all hold traces of their past splendour.

A flourishing park and a renaissance garden

Evocative and romantic, the park encloses the castle giving a sense of tranquillity and peace and sheltering it from the rest of the village and the surrounding countryside. Plane trees, firs, ash, poplars and magnolia create a chiaroscuro effect with ever changing colours throughout the seasons, and myrtle bushes and flowerbeds trace paths through the park. As in all the most beautiful Renaissance gardens, immersed in the lush vegetation there are statues, a pergola and a small temple depicting nature and its fruits. The goddess Flora with a basket of roses resting on her hip and the goddess Abundance, adorned with bunches of grapes and a symbol of fertility, harmonise perfectly with the classical beauty of their surroundings. Set in the shady greenery of a Partenocisso, verdant green in the summer and scarlet in the autumn, is the Palladian style temple formed by six Doric columns covered by exotic clematis.

The seats inside the temple invite guests to rest and meditate for a moment while the pergola, supported by columns of marble from Vicenza and covered with a flat wooden roof, offer moments of pleasure and recreation. Walking in the park, breathing in the odours and wandering through the amazing colours wrought by the changing seasons prepares guests for the thousand pleasures that await them inside the castle.



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È un luogo in cui si respira la storia, quella bella ad elegante. Si degusta una cucina raffinata circondati da un parco di alberi secolari. Un bel posto dove rifugiarsi...
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Elegante, poco affollato in settimana, ottima qualità, prezzi adeguati al servizio
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Location e pranzo di San Valentino davvero indimenticabili. Complimenti a tutto lo staff per il lavoro svolto.
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Il castello è molto bello e ben curato! I dipendenti molto gentili e preparati, la cucina è squisita! La consiglio vivamente!
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